Pressing For Decisions

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Scot McKnight:

…twelve ways revivalism’s theories of conversion have shaped and permeated evangelicalism:

  1. Conversion is equated with salvation
  2. There is an emphasis on human choice and decision. It’s all about the will.
  3. Conversion is seen as punctiliar, something that happens all at once, can be dated and marked and known.
  4. Revivalism is ambivalent about the intellect and is often anti-intellectual.
  5. Conversion becomes an individual transaction with God, apart from the faith community/church.
  6. Revivalism is ambivalent about or even anti-sacramental. (Including baptism.)
  7. For revivalism, conversion is easy and painless and certainly not costly. “Just accept Christ today.”
  8. Among revivalists, evangelism is reduced to techniques.
  9. Revivalism pushes that God has no grandchildren, but is ambivalent about second-generation Christian nurturance into conversion and faith.
  10. Revivalism has at times struggled with connections between conversion, baptism and the Holy Spirit.
  11. The church’s mission is to obtain conversions.
  12. Revivalism focuses on the after-life with minimal reference and orientation to this world.
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