Creating and Debugging ThinWire Applications with Eclipse

This tutorial will walk you through the creation of a simple Rich Internet Application with ThinWire using Eclipse 3.2 (Callisto) and the Eclipse Web Tools (WTP). It will also show you how to use these tools to debug your ThinWire application.

NOTE: Neither Eclipse nor the WTP plugins are necessary for ThinWire development. There are also other methods of using Eclipse to debug your ThinWire application that don’t require the WTP, but this currently appears to be the most straight-forward approach. Continue reading “Creating and Debugging ThinWire Applications with Eclipse”

ThinWire v1.2 beta2 Released

After several weeks of hard work, the next beta has been released.  You can read all about it at the ThinWire Blog.  The main two things are the ability to change the style of each component or the entire application at a global level through a properties file, and a major performance enhancement minimizing client-server traffic.

My main contribution to this release is the RangeComponent interface and two component implementations of this interface: Slider and ProgressBar.  The progress bar is very useful for providing feedback to the user while your application is doing some sort of processing.  The slider is used for selecting a numeric value from a specified range of values.

As this release was mainly about style, I have revamped the look of ThinWire Mail (my demo application built in my spare time).  Today we are also announcing live demos of ThinWire, so you can click here to try out ThinWire Mail without having to download anything.

ThinWire Mail Demo

Playground Demo

Download ThinWire v1.2 beta2 SDK

Discuss: When is it appropriate to use applets?

Last night my wife was enrolling in her university’s health insurance plan.  The insurance company’s website committed one of my biggest web development pet peeves: using a Java applet for a navigation menu.  This brings up my question: when is it appropriate to use a Java applet on your web site?  I’d appreciate your responses in the comments thread.

(As a side note, it was also very poorly implemented.  I got an error saying that I needed to make sure Java was installed for Internet Explorer on my version of Windows.  We were using Safari on the Mac!!)