Blockbuster or Netflix

I’ve been a subscriber of Blockbuster Online for over two years now. At the start of this year, they raised their rate by $2 a month and limited the number of in store exchanges to 2 per month. What pushed me over the edge was the fact that they automatically published the movies I requested to my Facebook feed. I never authorized this, I never linked the accounts. In fact, I use different email addresses for those services, so they had to do some browser magic or something to accomplish this. To me, this is a violation.

So, the question is, do I switch to Netflix. Their plan for one at a time is $8.99, but there is obviously no in store rental. Instead they offer a selection of films that I can watch online. The problem is, that service is Windows only, and I’m on a Mac. (I’ve heard it does work in Parallels). Blockbuser offers a no store exchange plan at $8.99 as well.

Any thoughts? Any positive/negative experiences with either service?

One thought on “Blockbuster or Netflix

  1. I’ve always been very happy with Netflix. The Watch Now feature would be a lot better if it didn’t have Windows DRM, but it’s still a cool service to tap into. I’ve managed to hook my laptop up to my TV with an S-Video cable and have found it to be better than ppv. The thing I like most about Netflix though is the quality of their recommendations. When I had Blockbuster Online membership, it seemed like they would suggest a lot of movies that were big Hollywood hits, but not relevant to my interests. Things like big time kids movies or films that had gotten low ratings by the rest of the community. It always made me suspicious that they were pushing what they had in stock instead of what was best for me. Netflix makes it fair share of wacky recommendations, but they are much more tailored to my personal interests. It’s nice to be able to walk into a store and choose whatever you are in the mood for, but with so many good movies being mailed to me, I usually enjoy whatever shows up in the mail.

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