My name is Ted C. Howard. On this blog I will post at random intervals on whatever is on my mind.  Some of it will be technical, some of it will be about TileStack. I might also post about Politics or Religion or Sports. I guess you’ll just have to check the thing regularly to know for sure what I’ll do.

One thought on “About

  1. I have been using hypercard since 1993 for my wedding cake business in managing bride’s choices, designs, invoices and payments all on one card per bride. If you can do anything to resurrect this valuable resource I would gladly pay for a copy of an updated program that will run my old hypercard on newer computers. I’ve looked into all of the new “super stack” ones… and they basically suck.

    I can’t move up to an intel based Mac until someone designs a program that will handle my cards because they are the backbone of my business. IF you are the MAN who can build this program I will praise you to the skies on my website (which gets 2.5 million hits a year!) Please keep working on this!!!

    Jeannie Lawrence

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