Welcome to the New (temporary) Location

Ok, let me just say that iicinternet.com hosting sucks.  They offered an impressive package that looked good on paper, but the service and general quality of the hosting was very lacking.  While I decide where to host next, I’ll be pointing my domain to this free Wordpress blog.  I’d also like to mention that godaddy.com rocks!  You can’t beat their prices and the services that you get for free are exceptional.  My plans for the site was to redesign it using the Wordpress engine anyway, so I figured I’d let them host it for free as well. I’m losing some flexibility here, but when I can combine this with the host of other free online services available, I should be able to handle this just fine.

Note: You should be able to post comments without logging in. If you are interested in posting stories to the main page (like the old site), you will need a free wordpress.com login. Once you have that, just send me the email address you registered with, and I’ll add you as an author.

Ted C. Howard @ted