Working on an Open Source Project

The past few weeks have been very interesting at work. It has been frustrating to be without my website because I’ve had many things I wanted to write about. It’s been about two weeks since we released ThinWire under the GNU General Public License. Since then, it has been a new experience watching the project slowly grow. Every day we look to see if someone has reviewed it. So far only this Japanese site has written a review. Since I don’t speak Japanese, and the Google Translator is less than helpful, we’re not really sure if they like it or not.

This past week, we joined the thousands of open source projects on SourceForge. We’re now able to accurately track downloads, which are growing by the day. SourceForge does a good job with download mirrors. Their other services are lacking. (I’ll probably have more to say/rant about this later)

This is a new experience for me and for my company. I’ll continue to chronicle the open source journey here. If you haven’t checked out ThinWire, you should go download it. It has the potential to change the status of web applications.

Ted C. Howard @ted