Wikipedia is Strict

In one of my web searches for ThinWire and Ajax frameworks, I stumbled upon Wikipedia articles about some other frameworks. I decided that if these other frameworks deserved articles, then so did ThinWire. In an attempt to get something up there quick, I used the text from our submission to Ajax Patterns. Within minutes, it had been flagged as a copyright violation. Despite my protests and claims that I authored both the Ajax Patterns and Wikipedia article, it was deleted.

My second attempt involved copying the text from the site into an article. This submission was flagged by an editor as advertisement (which is technically true). Today I rewrote the article, making it more objective and less of a sales pitch. I then invited other people to download the framework, and add their more obective analysis to the article. I was reprimanded by the editor again because apparantly original research is not allowed in a Wikipedia article. But the artcle remains because I qualify as an expert on the subject, and expert writings are allowed. Those guys are strict!

Ted C. Howard @ted