Time for Bed

I can’t stay up too late tonight, I need to wake up by 7:00, so I can be at work by 8:00.  That probably doesn’t seem like a very significant statement.  Most of the world will have to be at work by 8:00, but starting a year and a few weeks ago I transitioned to the startup life.

For me this meant a workday that started around 10 and usually went until 11 or so at night.  Of course a lot has changed in a year.  Where there were originally two, there are now four.  More people requires better organization and a little process.  Without it, coordination becomes difficult.  Where previously working odd hours around the clock was good for productivity, it is now a hindrance to the team building.  Especially when all the members are either married or seriously involved.

Megan has of course been on board with me on this venture from the very beginning.  I would could not have done this without her support.  It isn’t fair to her for me to sleep when she is at work, and then for me to work when she is at home.  While that sort of schedule can work for the short term, it increasingly becomes a problem as time passes.

Tomorrow begins a new era for our company.  It is day one of having standard office hours.  They are longer hours than most companies; but hey, we are a four person internet startup company.  It is a shame in some respects.  Sleeping in was one of the greatest perks of being self employed, but if this company is going to grow up into something great, then I will have to grow up as well.

Well, that’s all I have time for now.  I’m off to bed.  I have to get up early tomorrow.

Ted C. Howard @ted