Ted's Tidbits

The voice in my head says:

Another blog? Really? Don't you have enough of these already?

The real answer, is that I have too many of these and I need to consolidate. When I post something online, it’s usually either a link to something I found interesting or it’s a full page blog post that’s been gestating in my brain for a while. Up until now, I’ve had two separate avenues for publishing this content. Links went to my linkblog (and from there to Twitter and Facebook). Full posts went to my blog (often with a link to the post being added to the linkblog).

I rarely post full posts, most of the stuff I post are links to other sites. The linkblog is great, but it has one flaw: there’s just not a good place to add my commentary. This is important because often I will want to share a link that I do not agree with, but find interesting. When you post a link to Twitter, it’s implied that you like and agree with what you’ve just linked to. I really want some space (more than 140 characters minus the url) to add my 2 cents.

This blog represents the combination of the full blog and link blog. Most posts will be just a link to something else with a quote and some comments. Nothing more. Occasionally I’ll hop up here and ramble for a full page, but that doesn’t happen too often.

What's with the name?

When I was in kindergarten, I published a newsletter called Ted’s Tidbits and passed it out to my classmates. (Actually I’m pretty sure my Dad did most of the work on this one.) I don’t remember much about that except for what it looked like and the name. Considering I’m really just commenting on what I find as I read the internet, I think the name fits this format perfectly.

Like everything else I’ve done online, this is an experiment. We’ll see how well that goes.

Oh yeah, I definitely ripped off daringfireball.net with this site.

Ted C. Howard @ted