The Ad Man Cometh

The Ad Man Cometh

Anna Merlan:

[Frank Lutz offered] the city council members [a list of] "good" words versus "great" words. Don't say "sustainability," but use terms such as "cleaner, safer and healthier." Instead of saying "working together," say "partnership." In place of "sacrifice," use, "We're all in this together." Don't "inform" the public, "educate" the public. (So if you notice a sudden shift in city council's vocabulary, that would be why.)

I’m so glad they spent $15k of our tax money on this. (Plus another $15k private donation.)

Meanwhile, my council person, Angela Hunt, had this to say:

I think we just wasted $30,000 on a banal presentation that could have been provided as a handout ... I'm not interested in how we develop better messages to better manipulate the public's perception, or learning buzzwords to prompt the most visceral reaction.

It’s moments like this that make me glad I voted to re-elect her.

Ted C. Howard @ted