Is SOPA Perfect for OWS?

Is SOPA Perfect for OWS?

Dave Winer:

It was all about corporations. On the one side is Hollywood and on the other side is Silicon Valley. That's how news people think. They look for big rich entities that are facing off and make it an epic battle.

Spot on analysis. News has become entertainment. It’s almost like writing historical fiction where you take some facts and build a story around them. In order to sell the ads, you need to attract the people, so you create something that will get the people to watch. Find the facts and build a story around them.

The fact is that new legislation will give the federal government the power to take over your website at the first complaint of a copyright holder. No investigation, no due process, no proof. Just a compliant.

This isn’t tech startups vs movie studios, it’s the federal government vs our right to free speech. But that’s not the story news people want to tell.

Ted C. Howard @ted