Do you feel safe going to the movies?

Peter Simek:

In a society in which ideological and informational divides continue to define broader ruptures in our culture and politics, the pandemic has now created a situation in which differences in opinion and perspective lead people to experience very different, tangible worlds. We’ve always chosen to participate in different activities, associate with different groups, and join different organizations, but this goes beyond the fact that. This goes to the movie theater, that most common and quintessential of shared American social experiences. You may live in a world where movie theaters still exist. I do not. I find that strange and fascinating.

This is a great way to sum up the world, and very eloquently puts into words what I’ve been feeling. I see people going to restaurants, going to movies, etc., and I just don’t understand how. It’s as if they aren’t living in the same world I’m in.

Ted C. Howard @ted