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Why is Technology Important?

Dave Winer just wrote a thought provoking piece (as he usually does) on the importance of technology. In it, he makes this assertion:

...Technology is important because it empowers people. That's where you start. Not in novelty or neatness, not in the fact that it changes things, because it might change things by disempowering. Change is not in itself a valid reason for anything.

This is an interesting statement because it appears to contradict itself. How can something both empower and disempower? And how can both of those be important qualities?

I like this statement because it describes what we’re trying to accomplish with TileStack. TileStack is important first because it empowers people to create their own applications. You don’t need a computer science degree to build an app, you just need a good idea. It is this fact that described how TileStack is disempowering software elite (for lack of a better term). These are the people that decide what’s best for people, and charge people for access to their software. These are the ISVs and consultants that charge large amounts of cash for custom projects. Technology like TileStack takes the power away from the elite and gives it to the masses.

NOTE: I know TileStack isn’t ready for primetime just yet, so we’re not as disruptive as I’d like to be. But watch out! We’re coming!

Rebirth of the Blog

I’ve been putting this off long enough.

I should start blogging again, but:

  • I need to move my blog back to my own domain
  • I need a better style for the blog
  • I need a better defined purpose for the blog
  • I need something to talk about
So it’s time to do something about it. I have moved the blog back to my own server. This should give me the flexibility to do what I want. Wordpress.com is a great free service, but they put a lot of limits on what you are able to do. Example: they restrict the types of content you can embed. YouTube: yes, TileStack.com no. That is a big problem for me.

As for the rest of my reasons, I haven’t made any headway there, but I shouldn’t let that stop me. In theory, the content is the reason to visit the site, not the appearance. I can tweak and refine the style of the blog over time, as I continue to blog. I guess that means I’m under construction.

Under Construction

In any case, I’m going to try to post here on a more frequent basis. Some posts will be quick thoughts. Things that catch my eye. Others may be longer, more thought out. (I wouldn’t expect too many of those.) Some may be blatantly promotional for TileStack.com. (You should sign up for TileStack.com)

Time for Bed

I can’t stay up too late tonight, I need to wake up by 7:00, so I can be at work by 8:00.  That probably doesn’t seem like a very significant statement.  Most of the world will have to be at work by 8:00, but starting a year and a few weeks ago I transitioned to the startup life.

For me this meant a workday that started around 10 and usually went until 11 or so at night.  Of course a lot has changed in a year.  Where there were originally two, there are now four.  More people requires better organization and a little process.  Without it, coordination becomes difficult.  Where previously working odd hours around the clock was good for productivity, it is now a hindrance to the team building.  Especially when all the members are either married or seriously involved.

Megan has of course been on board with me on this venture from the very beginning.  I would could not have done this without her support.  It isn’t fair to her for me to sleep when she is at work, and then for me to work when she is at home.  While that sort of schedule can work for the short term, it increasingly becomes a problem as time passes.

Tomorrow begins a new era for our company.  It is day one of having standard office hours.  They are longer hours than most companies; but hey, we are a four person internet startup company.  It is a shame in some respects.  Sleeping in was one of the greatest perks of being self employed, but if this company is going to grow up into something great, then I will have to grow up as well.

Well, that’s all I have time for now.  I’m off to bed.  I have to get up early tomorrow.

What is TileStack?

This is for everyone who has asked me what I do for a living, and politely nodded while I failed to adequately explain.

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