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Excellent article in the Washington Post on my home city:

Shingle Mountain: How a pile of toxic waste was dumped in a community of color

I am selling my iPhone Xs. It’s in great condition and has one scratch on the front glass. swappa.com/listing/v…

So macOS 11 has been released. Should I upgrade? Is anyone upgrading today?

I’m migrating my wordpress.com hosted posts to micro.blog. My wordpress-hosted site is tidbits.tedchoward.com; my micro.blog-hosted site is micro.tedchoward.com

Can I have both domains point to micro.blog, or will I have to choose one? I want redirects to work for old urls @help

My Wordpress subscription is coming due, so I decided to migrate everything to micro.blog and just have one blogging platform.

One Dallas Developer’s Secret: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

The secret is don’t just build big stuff because you’re a builder. … Build to the ability of the tenants to make money … and teach tenants how to start up successful businesses so they can pay you the rent.

I’m getting near to the end of the day. I need to post something to keep up with #mbnov

Here I am very near to the end of the day. This was not supposed to be this close. Why am I here again?

Well, I missed the dreary start, and I’m not expecting to write much today, as I need to concentrate on my work, but I did want to make a half-hearted attempt as postings something today.

#mbnov 🖊🗓

Why can’t UPS text you when your package arrives? I have missed three delivery attempts that I got notified of after the truck had driven off. I was home, but my doorbell is currently broken.

We’ve been “Boo-Ed”! 👻

In a normal year, today would have been the last day of the State Fair of Texas.

I just mounted my iMac Pro on a vesa arm. I’m kinda terrified about it.

Dallas, TX, 9:00am, “DJ Daddy” chills on the couch.

#ADayInTheLife 📷

Well, it only took me 4 hours, but I got my new desk assembled!

See you next year!

Midway game

Stop 5: Big Tex

Big Tex’s boots from last year

Stop 4: Cotton Candy

Stop 3: Fletcher’s Corny Dogs

Here’s the livestock!


Stop 2: Jack’s Fries

The 2020 State Fair Auto Show