Ted's Tidbits

Stop 1: Drinks.

Wear your masks

Almost there!

Wow, 2 hours in line, and I think we may only half way through!

It’s Little Big Tex!

Dancing pandas up ahead of us in line.

Big Tex’s Funny Farm

Well here we go! #StateFairOfTexas

Look, even Big Tex is wearing a mask. If he can do it, so can you!

Dave Winer:

The fundamental rule of discourse on the net is that you should treat each person as you would treat an actual human being, face to face.

It makes me so happy to see this. I wish more news outlets had this perspective. If you are interested, subscribe to Popular Information

Is it possible in Apple Music to remove songs from the recommendation history. My kids have been listening to Phineas and Ferb soundtracks for several weeks, and my recommendations have been taken over.

Do you feel safe going to the movies?

Peter Simek:

In a society in which ideological and informational divides continue to define broader ruptures in our culture and politics, the pandemic has now created a situation in which differences in opinion and perspective lead people to experience very different, tangible worlds. We’ve always chosen to participate in different activities, associate with different groups, and join different organizations, but this goes beyond the fact that. This goes to the movie theater, that most common and quintessential of shared American social experiences. You may live in a world where movie theaters still exist. I do not. I find that strange and fascinating.

This is a great way to sum up the world, and very eloquently puts into words what I’ve been feeling. I see people going to restaurants, going to movies, etc., and I just don’t understand how. It’s as if they aren’t living in the same world I’m in.

Currently reading: Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong by James W. Loewen 📚

I decided to spin up a Slackware Linux server “in the cloud” to see what that would be like. Now I have a fun playground server. What should I do with it?

Currently reading: Better Buses, Better Cities by Steven Higashide 📚

Photoblog day 8: view


Oh yeah, the photoblogging challenge! I took a day trip to get a corny dog.


TFW you realize the wrap-around line was for funnel cakes, and you only want a corny dog, and you get to eat soon!

Even the Corny Dog is wearing a mask!

TFW you think your almost at the end of the line, and you realize that it wraps around again. 😬

I’m really excited to get an authentic Fletcher’s corny dog, just like I would have gotten at the Fair, but I am not excited about being around all these people. Especially those without masks!

This is as close as I’ll get to the State Fair this year. Thanks Fletcher’s! I get to experience a long line outside and a corny dog!

Photoblog challenge day 6: bisect


I got distracted in a flow state, so here’s a picture of me holding a bottle of Topo Chico instead of a picture on theme.